May 11, 2017

“Complaint Department and Lemonade”Morden Jr. Xplor Drama

Event Date: Jun 09 2017

“Complaint Department and Lemonade”
Morden Jr. Xplor Drama

June 9 – Kenmor Theatre
Complaint Department and Lemonade
By Kamron Klitgaard
“People will complain about anything — not almost anything, but absolutely anything! In this rapid succession of hysterical grievances, the complaint department takes on everything from Oreo icing to kleptomania and from songs stuck in the head to the price of cheese and on and on and on. Could there be a glimmer of hope for anyone in charge of a complaint department? With a clever concept of rotating each complainant into the seat behind the desk, each character not only airs their own grievances, but must also focus on someone else’s problem and assist them with their complaint.”
Kenmor Theatre, Morden
Thursday, June 8, 7 PM

Available at the door (or call to reserve: 204-822-9981):

Adults: $5
Youth: $3
Cast Includes:

September Bisschop
Logan Goertzen
Daniella Iberra
Gerda Paul
Avery Simoens
Riley Thiessen
Jonas Weselack
Crew Includes:

Producer/Director – Richard J. Klassen
Assistant Director – Ruth Barker
Costumes – Ruth Barker
Makeup – TBA
Sets – TBA
Stage Manager – Ruth Barker