About Us

From Lake Winnipeg to the border of our southern neighbours and west of Winnipeg, lies a beautiful region rich in farmland and diversity. With legends to captivate you, and history to explore, you’ll discover what it means to be part of something amazing! Visit our museums, sample our foods and walk our trails. We welcome you to this region -bright and vast – with open skies and exceptional hospitality. From the Delta Marshlands and beautiful wildlife, to the Golden Triangle where the tall grass waves. But who are we? We are the hot summer days spent on the beach and cool fall days spent hiking a trail. We are the festivals of the summer and the Christmas lights of the winter. We are the land of sea monsters, of dinosaurs and raptors. We are tales of white horses and fleeting lovers. We are the green links you love, and snowmobile trails you race. We are cross country skiing, and downhill skiing too. We are the adrenaline seekers, the nature enthusiasts, the ones who fish and the ones who swim like the fish. We are you, we are your neighbours and we are Pembina Valley Central Plains . Welcome to the heart of Manitoba!