January 1, 1970

Morden Triple Threat Youth Camp Kenmor Theatre 2017

Event Date: Aug 01 2017

2017 Dates To Be Announced

Triple Threat Camp

Young Performing Artists have opportunity to be involved with our summer’s “Triple-Threat” Arts Camp. Performers are involved with the creation of a 3/4 hour presentation piece which includes acting, singing, and dancing. Final presentations of their work will then be presented at the 2015 Corn & Apple Festival.

It is a new creation of the age old classics as performers, together with camp staff, collaborate ideas from which a script and presentation will be created for the Corn and Apple. Though certain elements will be prepared in advance, the creation of the piece allows performers to be involved in the creative process to help them better understand how plays and musicals are not only structured, but also how to develop better story-telling through acting, dance, and music. Daily goals and objectives work towards creating a fun presentation and to stretch the performers abilities and creativity in a safe and enjoyable environment.
Kenmor Theatre, 130 – 7th Street, Morden, MB

In Morden at  Kenmor Theatre.

Call 1 (204) 822-9981 for more information.

Monday, August 15 – Introductions & Creation Work
Tuesday, August 16 – Script Review & Preparation
Wednesday, Aug 17 – Rehearsals
Thursday, Aug 18 – Rehearsals
Friday, Aug 19 – Rehearsals & Full Run-Throughs
Monday, Aug 22 – Performance at Bethel Park, Winkler
Wednesday, Aug 24 – Detail Work
Thursday, Aug 25 – Technical Rehearsals
Friday, Aug 26 – Dress Rehearsals
Saturday, Aug 27 – Parade Involvement & Afternoon Presentations